A picture of me

Hi, I'm


I specialize in Front End Development - building out the visual components of a website. Using HTML, CSS and Javascript, I build fast, interactive, immersive and beautiful web applications through carefully crafted code and user-centric design.

Here's some of my work

  • Google

    This was my first live project. I tried to clone google website. It looks quite funny...and yeah, it didnt work out. I didnt even complete it but i deployed it anyway.

  • Complete

    Yes, I completed this one but...yes there's a but...it wasn't responsive. I was still learning so it is what it is. I'm gonna try next time.

  • Responsive

    So I know you've been expecting this. It's here!!. Yaay! My first responsive website...it's not perfect, it's my first try.

  • Semantic HTML

    My next milestone was to write some nice semantic html code. I did just that.

  • Responsive Semantic HTML

    I got my semantics all good and I made a new responsive website.

  • Navbar

    Next up, I worked on building a simple responsive navigation bar.

  • Portfolio

    This my portfolio website, which you're viewing right now.

So that has been my little 'not so little' progress in 1 month.

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